Database- Twisp water system

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Re: Database- Twisp water system

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More SCARY….LOOK OUT…..we’re all gonna die!!! Inflammatory stuff.

- The data is THREE years old. Some of the data referenced goes back to 2017-2019, or earlier.

- EWGs own disclaimer on the website - if you bothered to look - is in BOLD: “tap water provided by this water utility was in compliance with federal health-based drinking water standards.”

- The EWG definition of ‘safe’ seems pretty slippery. The statement on this werbsite for arsenic, for instance, is: “The EWG Health Guideline of 0.004 ppb for arsenic was defined by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment as a public health goal..”. A ‘goal’ is NOT a limit or legal threshold, it is an aspiration.
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Re: Database- Twisp water system

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Review of the 10 ppb standard
In response to the national debate surrounding the arsenic rule related to science and costs, the EPA announced on March 20, 2001, that it would reassess the science and costs associated with the rule.

The EPA postponed the effective date of the rule until February 22, 2002, requested public comment on the standard, and began reviewing the new standard, the science, costs and benefits analyses that supported the regulation. EPA engaged three expert panels to reassess these issues.

On October 31, 2001, the EPA announced the 10 ppb standard for arsenic would remain. The EPA Administrator, Christine Todd Whitman, stated that "the 10 ppb protects public health based on the best available science and ensures that the cost of the standard is achievable."
The Twisp level was 0.3... 33 times BELOW the EPA standard level of 10... No reason to instill "fear" in Twisp water...

I believe the EPA review and science over your EWG website... ;) ;) ;) :) :) :)


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Database- Twisp water system

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Twisp water system has 75X safe levels of arsenic in water supply as of 2021. Here is web-site.: An RO filtration system will filter out arsenic. I wish I could trust that all the restaurants have a capable filtration system. Nobody ever talks about it, and there is no transparency. Any food establishment would be filtering out the arsenic, nitrates, and nitrites, correct?

There are a total of 7 contaminants detected, and the 3 exceed safe limits. Why should I not be concerned?
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